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Wednesday, 02 December 2015 19:22

Murray Method Workshop to Be Offered

When Marilyn Murray was 44 years old, a close friend of hers insisted that she seek intensive outpatient therapy at a California clinic. Years of dealing with unexplained, severe, physical pain while balancing her busy life as a caretaker, community leader, and well-known art dealer had taken its toll. She had become depressed and suicidal.

She was scheduled to stay in the treatment program for two weeks; she ended up staying for seven months.

During that time, she worked through childhood trauma caused by sexual abuse she experienced at the age of 8. She also began to see her previous lifestyle as a perfectionist overachiever, workaholic, and excessive caretaker in a whole new light.

Her experience inspired her to return to college to receive her B.A. and M.A. in psychology, where she began developing her theories about how people respond to trauma, abuse, and deprivation. She soon became one of the first people to speak publicly and in the media about issues related to trauma and abuse.

Since that time, she has become an internationally-recognized authority on trauma, abuse, deprivation, and its consequences. Over the years, she developed what it known as The Murray Method, and has continually expanded it to include well-known theoretical and treatment modalities such as: The Trauma Egg, The Circles of Intimacy, The Scindo Syndrome, The Survival Bricks, and others. These instruments are now widely used in treatment centers throughout the United States and by Murray Method students from 37 countries. We are thrilled that Marilyn has offered to facilitate a Murray Method Workshop at The Meadows Outpatient Center in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s a great opportunity for mental health professionals across the nation to better understand the effects of trauma and abuse on individuals and their families and to do some personal therapeutic work of their own.

The Murray Method Workshop

In 2002, Marilyn was invited to Moscow, Russia to teach a one week class on her theories on addiction and trauma. By the end of that week, it was clear to her and to her hosts that in order to face the pervasiveness of trauma-induced problems in the former USSR, they would need much more than a one-week training.

So, Marilyn began living and working in Moscow for half of every year, teaching her theories to therapists and mental health professionals. She has now taught The Murray Method to approximately 2,900 health professionals and clergy from 295 cities in the former USSR. And even more students have been taught by professors she’s trained. She also gives training seminars on The Murray Method to mental health professionals throughout the United States.

This same workshop, The Murray Method, Level 1, will be offered at The Meadows Outpatient Center starting in February 2016. It is geared primarily toward mental health professionals, but all are welcome to attend.

The four-day training session places special emphasis on the personal work of the health professional, based on the belief that a therapist always must address his or her own issues first in order to be an effective clinician.

Participants will also learn how to better understand the effects of trauma, abuse and deprivation on individuals and families, and how to effectively treat patients who struggle with behavioral issues, addictions, and other disorders as a result of unresolved trauma. CEUs will be available for each course. Sessions will be offered in 2016 on…

  • February 18 – 21
  • March 17 – 20
  • April 14 – 17

Learn more about the workshop and how to register on The Meadows Outpatient Center Website or call 800-244-4949.

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