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Below is a listing of CDs produced by Senior Fellows at The Meadows.

CDs by Senior Fellows

Time for Healing

A Time for Healing from Abandonment and Shame CD

By Dr. Claudia Black Claudia Black offers an empathetic and compassionate understanding of the role of abandonment in the creation of shame. Herein is the framework for understanding how the past continues to influence the present day.

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Emotional Baggage

Emotional Baggage, Repacking Your Bags CD

By Dr. Claudia Black In this CD, Claudia Black offers you an opportunity to explore what it is that you carry within yourself in terms of beliefs, feelings, and skills that potentially impact what you think and feel about yourself and how this fuels the creation of hurtful defenses.

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Imageries CD

By Dr. Claudia Black Claudia Black offers the listener four image experiences that provide the opportunity to become more centered, relaxed, and in touch with one's inner self.

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Letting Go Imageries

Letting Go Imageries CD

By Dr. Claudia Black These specific imageries are used in assisting one to relax, to become more centered, to let go of hurtful processes and pain, to focus on a specific issue, and/or to develop insight.

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Putting Past Behind

Putting the Past Behind: Steps in Recovery and Foundational Core Issues CD

By Dr. Claudia Black Claudia Black speaks to anyone raised in a troubled family, offering a framework for healing a childhood filled with chronic loss and pain.

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Trauma Addicted Family

Trauma in The Addicted Family CD

By Dr. Claudia Black When we think of people who have suffered trauma, it's easy to first think of those who witnessed or were victims of catastrophic events. But the majority of people who are confronted with trauma experience a more subtle and chronic form that often occurs within their own family system.

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Triggers CD

By Dr. Claudia Black Whether the problems are with a substance or behavioral addiction, Claudia asks the listener to think seriously about triggers and identify the warning signs that one is entering a zone of jeopardy.

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Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families

Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families CD

By John Bradshaw Focuses on the problem of compulsive behavior patterns exhibited by adults raised in dysfunctional families.

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Creating Love DVD

Creating Love CD

By John Bradshaw Ten-part PBS series on how to create healthy, loving relationships in every part of life.

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Family Secrets

Family Secrets CD

By John Bradshaw This powerful new PBS series takes us into the heart of the family's mysterious power to impact our lives.

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Surving Divorce

Surviving Divorce CD

By John Bradshaw Practical information and insights for anyone anticipating, going through or completing a divorce.

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Building Personal Boundaries

Building Personal Boundaries CD

By John Bradshaw Having good boundaries, (i.e. knowing our power and limits), is the basis for a strong self.

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Boundaries CD

By Pia Mellody This set includes the original two CD set and two new CDs. Pia defines and discusses the nature of boundaries including their purpose, composition, and how they function. She then continues to discuss how to set up a working system so that you can protect yourself and have a better sense of who you are.

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CoAddicted Relationships

Co-Addicted Relationships CD

By Pia Mellody The Journey from Addiction to Recovery in Relationships is a four CD set. Pia describes the internal dynamics in addictive relationships, how codependence sets up these dynamics and how to have healthy relationships.

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Mapping Your Recovery

Mapping Your Recovery CD

By Pia Mellody Pia addresses recovery in a way that makes it possible to see where you are in this process. This single CD covers the stages of recovery as well as recovery from the standpoint of five concurrent processes.

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Shame CD

By Pia Mellody In this two-CD set, Pia Mellody discusses the emotion Shame and its relationship to the disease of codependence and recovery. This material is from a lecture and is not returnable.

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Nature Inner Child

The Nature Of The Inner Child CD

By Pia Mellody Pia's concept of the "Inner Child" is that it is the part of the self that got injured by relational wounding and now needs healing through the re-parenting process. On this CD she discusses the wounded child, the adapted adult child, and the functional adult.

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