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Below is a listing of DVDs produced by Senior Fellows at The Meadows.

DVDs by Senior Fellows

DVD Addiction In Family

Addiction in the Family DVD

By Dr. Claudia Black Not only is the family deserving of recovery, but their recovery has a direct impact on the ongoing recovery of the addicted person. If you deal with addictions and you believe that the family must be involved in the recovery process, this video is made for your use.

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DVD Anger

Anger DVD

By Dr. Claudia Black Claudia Black begins this video with an explanation of the various types and forms of anger. She moves through the many faces of anger including passive-aggressive behavior, sarcasm/caustic remarks, verbal abuse, blaming, guerrilla humor, anger with authority, retaliatory anger, blind rage, anger as an excuse, isolation, depression and the use of medications.

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DVD Breaking The Silence

Breaking the Silence DVD

By Dr. Claudia Black For most survivors of childhood sexual abuse, it is a secret they maintain and attempt to repress well into adulthood. Breaking the Silence covers the most prevalent defenses and responses: denial, splitting, flooding, phobias, food addictions, sexual promiscuity/exploits or avoidance, compartmentalizing, loss of recall, self-abuse, suicidal thoughts, alcohol, and other drugs.

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DVD Children Of Denial

Children of Denial DVD

By Dr. Claudia Black In a warm and sensitive style, Claudia examines what happens to children raised in addicted families and offers some answers to their problems. With an incredible ability to share through the use of stories, Claudia eloquently describes how children in chemically dependent families learn the rules of "Don't Talk," "Don't Trust" and "Don't Feel.

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DVD Double Jeopardy

Double Jeopardy DVD

By Dr. Claudia Black Depression is a serious, life-threatening, chronic illness. Depression, when combined with addiction is especially debilitating. Without treating depression in an addicted person, the depression becomes a major contributor to a lack of recovery, relapse and possibly suicide.

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DVD Healing From Childhood Sexual Abuse

Healing from Childhood Sexual Abuse DVD

By Dr. Claudia Black In this video, Dr. Black speaks about the process of healing from childhood sexual abuse and the steps that are vital to that process: speaking the truth, addressing anger and rage, forgiveness, getting in touch with your inner child, acknowledging the losses, feeling the feelings and reclaiming your power.

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DVD Issues Of Recovery

Issues of Recovery DVD

By Dr. Claudia Black Claudia Black, in her dynamic speaking style of relating stories and using a color floor graphic, offers the viewer an understanding of the faulty beliefs connected to these issues and the relationship to unhealthy shame stemming from trauma.

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DVD Relapse

Relapse: The Illusion of Immunity DVD

By Dr. Claudia Black Relapse data has long been available, but in this video, Dr. Claudia Black brings a new insight and overview to the issues of relapse.  As many as 70 percent of all chemically dependent people who attempt to stop drinking or using will experience relapse, and often more than once.

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DVD Legacy Of Addiction

The Legacy of Addiction;
The Gift of the Ages

By Dr. Claudia Black Journeying to the past and then connecting to the present, Dr. Claudia Black establishes the legacy of addiction - how addiction is passed down in the family, not just as alcoholism, but perhaps as gambling, drug abuse, depression, and other illnesses.

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DVD Triggering Effect

The Triggering Effect DVD

By Dr. Claudia Black DVD by Claudia Black

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DVD What Do I Say To Kids

What Do I Say to My Kids? DVD

By Dr. Claudia Black  One of the greatest sources of pain to newly clean and sober parents is how their addiction impacts their children. In this warm and highly instructional video, Claudia Black offers mothers and fathers a language in which to talk with their kids of any age about drugs and alcohol.

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Boundaries as Spiritual Practice

Boundaries as a Spiritual Practice DVD

By Pia Mellody Boundaries as a spiritual practice carries the concept of personal boundaries beyond the realm of interpersonal relations. This lecture explores the concept that to express truth in a respectful manner and to listen to or receive another's truth and remain respectful, isa spiritual practice and creates spiritual intimacy.

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Codependence DVD

By Pia Mellody Childhood trauma causes us to adapt and become who we think others want us to be. We get lost in the shuffle and easily develop resentments and a cluster of symptoms Pia calls "Codependence".

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Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships DVD

By Pia Mellody Though we cannot escape our biology as we enter the 21st century with Cro-Magnon DNA, we can learn to work together as a couple to both make changes in the interest of the relationship and to accept the partner and cherish the differences.

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Love Addiction Love Avoidance

Love Addiction/Love Avoidance DVD

In childhood, our caregivers teach us how to be in relationships with others. If we have been neglected, we tend to expect too much. If we have had to take care of others rather than ourselves, we tend to avoid intimacy. people who have had such experiences are prone to attract one another and form co-addicted relationships.

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Recovery Series DVD

By Pia Mellody When you take a long view of the recovery process, you find that it is basically about giving up illusions and fantasies about self and others, and facing the truth. We have to become conscious to do this and in the end, the process allows us to love and be part of the solution to the planet rather than part of the problem.

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Self Esteem

Self-Esteem Series DVD

By Pia Mellody Self esteem comes from within and is the total experience of self. It begins with the thought, "I Matter", which produces warmth in the heart, known as self love or self esteem which in turn affects how we behave. It is a moment by moment decision.

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